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Robin NewmanRobin Newman, LCSW-R, PC

Licensed clinical social worker, Imago relationship therapist, Senior adjunct professor at Adelphi University graduate school of social work. Robin works with couples, families and individuals. She’s successful in guiding patients through anxiety, depression, self-esteem challenges, addictions, family conflicts, couple’s conflicts.

    Couples Therapy Long Island, NY

    For inquiries / to book a couples’ intensive:

    Couples’ counseling intensives are 1 1/2 days on the weekend in Huntington, New York. Treated as a “boot camp” for couples who wish to improve communication, intimacy, and understanding. Robin & Don teach couples specific communication techniques that will allow both people to feel safe and connected as they talk about their problems, instead of entering the painful “power struggle”.

      “Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.”

      -David Augsberger

      imago relationship therapists LINY - Robin Newman – Licensed Clinical Social Worker Huntington
      Robin Newman – Licensed Clinical Social Worker Huntington

      Therapy for better mental health with Robin Newman, licensed social worker in Long Island, NY

      Use relationship challenges to create growth and healing. Most importantly, to create the relationship that you have always wanted. When 2 people understand that there is a “space between” each other and learn how to care for one another in deeper ways, their relationship will dramatically improve as well as the quality of their lives.

      Robin Newman - Licensed Clinical Social Worker Huntington

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