Imago Relationship Therapists Talk About What They’re Seeing Lately in Long Island, New York

Long Island Imago Relationship Therapists, Robin Newman and David Weber, talk about ideas and things that show up in their day-to-day practice, and how they impact couples.

Topics mentioned in this video:

  • benefits of Imago Relationship Therapy for individuals as well as couples
  • how Imago Relationship Therapists can help with trauma work
  • the archetypes of a family unit
  • how we replicate childhood experiences in our current relationships
  • listening to your body’s response to the people around you
  • investigating issues in therapy before responding to problems
  • the concept of limerence in a romantic relationship
  • dangers of bending the truth to get along
  • in conflict, there is growth
  • connecting with your partner’s emotions
  • the importance of the intentional dialogue
  • active listening
  • validating and appreciating your partner
  • how environment is affecting people in their relationships
  • the current demand in counseling after the pandemic
  • burnout in people’s work lives and how it’s affecting the family unit
  • communication changes in your relationship over time
  • the power in numbers
  • upcoming Imago Relationship Therapy couples workshop in Long Island

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