Individual Counseling

individual counseling Long Island

The main aim of individual counseling is to modify the problems at hand & enhance the quality of life for the person.

When we don’t deal with our emotional issues, an emotional scar can form which will then cut us off from ourselves & other people. It will be difficult to make connections with people and that can lead to loneliness & despair. I will address those issues & concerns with you and help you to get the life & love you want & need.

Robin Newman, LCSW-R, PC

I love to help people learn to cope more effectively with what’s around them.

It could be a childhood wound or an emotional breakdown caused by a divorce or death of a loved one. Whatever it may be, I’m here to help you navigate through the rough waters of life.

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Individual Counseling for Long Island, New York

Part of our problem is in how we may have been brought up. We don’t always know better, but when equipped with the right knowledge, we can break our unconscious, learned behaviors and have a better quality of life through better relationships.

Long Island counseling services

We’re not experts in all areas of our lives. It’s simply impossible.

It’s a smart decision to turn to people with expertise in an area, no matter what area it is… We see doctors when we’re sick, dentists when we have a cavity, contractors to renovate our home… Just like we can’t operate on our own teeth, we can’t treat anxiety or depression on our own or know how to change deeply entrenched thought / behavioral patterns.

Contacting a counselor is such an important step to recovering from what you are suffering from. Get the help that you deserve.

Individuals can use an Imago Relationship Therapist too!

What’s interesting about Imago relationship therapy, is once you have an understanding & you open yourself up to this knowledge base, you can’t shove it back in.

What I’d like to note is that as an Imago relationship therapist, I can also show individuals the same information to help themselves. <more>