Your daily habits define relationship longevity.

​You are what you do daily… so make good habits for yourself and your relationship!

“The happiness of most people is not ruined by great catastrophes or fatal errors, but by the repetition of slowly destructive little things.”
– Ernest Dimnet


Your daily habits with the person you love will define the overall health of the relationship. So, show some appreciation! Showing gratitude for your partner is an important way to boost satisfaction. Couples who feel (and express) gratitude daily for one another feel closer, and tend to be more satisfied in their relationship.

Gratitude makes us feel happier and more secure with our partners. So the next time you think it doesn’t matter if you say, “thank you” for something your partner did, think again. Consider the negative feelings we all tend to feel if we notice a lack of appreciation from our partners over time. Everyone likes to hear positive reinforcement, and it shouldn’t matter if you’ve known your partner for 6 months or 25 years. It’s about the daily habits that you create with one another.


Becoming complacent is a common obstacle couples face. Some couples find that once they get used to each other, they stop putting in as much effort as they once did. It’s important to stay mindful of whether or not your partner is getting the time / attention they deserve.

Carving out time to enjoy each other is a foundational element of a relationship’s longevity. This will look different for each couple but things like playing / having fun together, creating meaningful moments, or supporting each other’s hobbies are all ways to make time for your relationship.


It goes without saying that love should be a part of any healthy romantic relationship. But more subtle than love is the expression of it in the form of affection and genuine interest. Do you actually like your partner? Small gestures of affection (hugs, kisses, comforting touch, sweet words, etc.) can go a long way to keeping each person feeling secure, wanted and appreciated.

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