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imago relationship therapy for parents and children Long Island

Imago Relationship Therapy for Parents and Children

Imago Relationship Therapy for Parents and Children with Long Island Therapist Robin Newman, LCSW

Imago relationship therapy can be used for families, couples, and individuals. Imago therapists are trained to provide support to people dealing with issues such as ongoing conflict, ineffective communication, blended families, in-laws, empty nest syndrome, addictions, sexuality, negative relationship patterns and much much more.

Imago Relationship Therapy for Parents and Children: If you are experiencing negative, repetitive issues within your family and can’t find a solution, consider speaking with an Imago therapist.

Therapy can help families with:

  • identifying the cycles that lead them to approach each other in ways that keep the problems going.
  • addressing any underlying needs that are being unmet.
  • communicating with one another to keep from getting caught up in conflict in the future.
  • forging a closer, more intimate connection with one another.

Robin Newman, LCSW, provides in-person therapy for children, adolescents, and adults who may be struggling with a wide range of challenges. Her office is located in Suffolk County, Long Island:

148 East Main Street (Suite 102) Huntington, NY 11743

Contact Robin online or by calling (631) 421-4701 to set up an appointment today.

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In our search to create meaning in our relationships with our significant others, we decide that perhaps children will connect us intimately.

What saddens me about our culture, is that we tend to take our children as hostages.

Search for Meaning by Having KidsIn our search to create meaning in our relationships with our significant others, we decide that perhaps children will connect us intimately. So we have a few. We wait and wait for the instant gratification of our connection to resume or happen. What’s so sad is that it doesn’t and now there are children involved in the same dynamic that the couple created.

Over the years, I have heard from so many couples who knew it wasn’t working and had children anyway.

Some are tired and don’t want to do the work. They will call me a few times and reach out but decide that, putting the time and effort into their relationship isn’t worth it at this point. So, we end up with more carnage by inflicting our poor way of communicating in our marriage onto our children. We are their role models, their compass in the storm.

We enable them to lose their way.

Then we wonder, “why did they choose the partner that they did”?

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