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  • Mens’ vs. Womens’ Roles in Relationships

    Mens’ vs. Womens’ Roles in Relationships

    Long Island Imago Relationship Therapists discuss the bigger issues counseling couples – the differences between mens’ vs. womens’ roles in relationships, and how they might differ according to age and attachment style. WATCH VIDEO HERE >> https://youtu.be/Rrw_Y4t1RlY Mens’ vs. Womens’ Roles in Relationships: How much does age affect our perceived roles? How hard is it…

  • Attachment Styles in Relationships

    Attachment Styles in Relationships

    Have you ever evaluated the attachment styles in your relationships; whether intimate, friendly or career-based? When we recognize the roles that we play in relationships, we become more aware of our habits & behavior patterns. With this awareness, comes the possibility for change within ourselves and an improved sense of well-being in our relationships. In…