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  • Review about Robin Newman

    Review about Robin Newman

    Review about Robin Newman left by Phil S. “This review could literally be 10 pages long: one page for every year that I have known her both professionally and personally… Professionally, Robin is top notch. I find her to be an open-minded, straight-talking, no BS, problem solving, truth warrior. She will be the most sensitive,…

  • Therapy for Better Mental Health

    Therapy for Better Mental Health

    Therapy for better mental health with Robin Newman, licensed social worker in Long Island, NY So, somebody said to me, “ugh, 2020.. it sucked..” Yeah, it did. But I’ll tell you something really great that came out of 2020. More people now, than ever before, are finally looking at mental health / therapy as a…

  • Stress Counseling with LCSW Robin Newman

    Stress Counseling with LCSW Robin Newman

    We all know (in our rational / prefrontal brain) that stress isn’t a good thing in anxiety, but yet we still do it, right? We still feel it.. So it’s going into that second place and saying, okay, I know it’s not good, so maybe I need to try looking at it from this perspective…

  • Narrative Therapist

    Narrative Therapist

    The role of the narrative therapist is to enlist the client’s problem solving capacities by focusing on successful ways that they’ve coped in the past. Robin Newman, LCSW teaching at Adelphi University about the role of a narrative therapist in social work. < Watch more videos of social worker and adjunct professor Robin Newman >

  • Relationship Tip #10

    Relationship Tip #10 Differentiation and togetherness are both important in a relationship. You need time as a couple and you need time as an individual. There will be activities you do together and ones you do separately. There will be values you share, and values that are important to one of you, but not the…