Communication Issues

The big challenge for couples dealing with communication issues is to try to understand that:

You’re not symbiotic.

You came into this relationship as two individuals.

Both of your opinions/perspectives can exist in the same space (and believe it or not, both are right).

Learning how to communicate effectively in a relationship can drastically improve your love life, no matter how long you’ve been together, but sometimes that can feel like a big, overwhelming task. Learning the art of communication can really save what could be a healthy, thriving, relationship.

Imago is a type of relationship therapy which provides a unique opportunity for couples to learn how to use the issues that they have in their relationship for growth and healing. It offers communication tools that will allow both people to feel safe and connected as they talk about their problems, instead of entering the painful “power struggle”.

Getting The Love You Want Couples Workshop Melville, NY 2019

If you’re having issues with communication in your relationship (of any kind), contact Robin Newman, LCSW, for more information on couples therapy.

For all committed couples – married or unmarried.

Learn what all relationships need to be healthy, happy and successful.

  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Understand what drives conflict
  • Feel deeply heard & find forgiveness
  • Rebuild broken trust and security​
  • Nurture emotional intimacy
  • Keep your love alive and thriving
  • Learn the importance of affection

If you & your spouse/partner haven’t been communicating the best, couples counseling can make all the difference!

Get counseling from a licensed therapist in Long Island.

Jump-start the process to recover the love in your relationship again.

Is the answer to a successful relationship found in your ability to surrender to love?

surrendering to love

If it is, wow, that requires a lot of trust…

Obviously we’re willing to try because we are driven to couple up, yet connecting is extremely difficult. According to relationship guru Maya Kollman:

“Loving somebody, really loving somebody & surrendering to love forces us to face our deepest fears which are, ‘they’ll leave me or they’ll die.’”

Kollman says that love – that connection – is the key to our very survival as individuals. We are really good at finding “the” partner who can fulfill us and help us actualize who we are. Living with those same people, however, isn’t easy.

Kollman points out, “This is where a respectful and appropriate communication strategy is required” – a strategy she insists exists.