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  • “Selective Abstraction”

    “Selective Abstraction”

    Selective Abstraction – another cognitive error. Licensed social worker, Robin Newman, LCSW, speaking about selective abstraction at her class at Adelphi University, Graduate School of Social Work ONE DETAIL can get taken out of context between two people – the story goes south and becomes a total experience. Don’t let this small detail get in…

  • Relationship Tip #12

    Relationship Tip #12 Do one nice thing for your partner each day; one act of kindness or thoughtfulness. Do it as a “gift” to them without expecting anything in return.

  • Relationship Tip #10

    Relationship Tip #10 Differentiation and togetherness are both important in a relationship. You need time as a couple and you need time as an individual. There will be activities you do together and ones you do separately. There will be values you share, and values that are important to one of you, but not the…