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Choose Your Words Wisely

Choose Your Words Wisely

Choose your words wisely… Words are an instrument to heal or wound – to connect or separate.

Try to think about the words you use with your partner this week… Do they heal or wound, connect or separate?

The traumatizing and/or healing effect that words can have on people.. especially when in a committed relationship, can make or break the longevity of a couple.

Words that are compassionate and non-judgmental have the power to calm, soothe, and re-ground us.

They activate our social engagement response, helping us to feel safely connected to other people. This has the effect of reducing fears, anxiety, and a sense of isolation.

Words can de-escalate a flight-fight response, enabling us to successfully navigate challenges rather than wildly striking out or fleeing.

Loving words of encouragement give us hope, enhance self-esteem, and enable us to take healthy risks in life that allow for ongoing personal and professional growth.

So please take the time to notice the words you use when interacting with others. Ask yourself, “Is what I am about to say to my child, my partner, my co-worker, the stranger in line ahead of me, kind or unkind?” “What impact will my words have on this person?”

And keep in mind that when you text or e-mail, tone of voice, emotion, animation, body language, and facial expressions are all missing. Therefore, your word choice is even more important as it is the sole way in which your message will be communicated and received.

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Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

Getting the Love You Want bookA marriage therapist and counselor explains that most of the feelings of receiving inadequate love come from unresolved childhood conflicts and describes how adults can learn to flourish as loving and loved people.

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· Discover why you chose your mate
· Resolve the power struggle that prevents greater intimacy
· Learn to listen – really listen – to your partner
· Increase fun and laughter in your relationship
· Begin healing early childhood experiences by stretching into new behaviors 
· Become passionate friends with your partner
· Achieve a common vision of your dream relationship

Officially celebrating 30 years in this edition!

Become the most connected couple you know with this revolutionary guide, combining behavioral science, depth psychology, social learning theory, Gestalt therapy, and interpersonal neuroscience to help you and your partner recapture joy, enhance closeness, and experience the reward of a deeply fulfilling relationship.



Long Island couples workshops held by Robin Newman, LCSW are a great way to discover what really lies beneath triggered reactions in romantic partnerships and how to make lasting change. Move into more conscious connection and have the relationship of your dreams!

Relationship Tip #14

Use sentences that start with “I” rather than “you.”

For example, “I feel invisible when I come home and you ignore me; I feel angry when I see your clothes on the floor; I would appreciate it if you’d call me if you’re going to be late so I don’t worry about you.”

relationship therapist LINY - Relationship Tip #14

Relationship Tip #14

The Huntington Relationship and Therapy Center for Individuals, Couples and Families

Advanced Certified IMAGO Relationship Therapist
Adjunct professor at the Adelphi School of Social Work

148 East Main Street #102 Huntington, NY 11743

Our approach towards couples is oriented not only towards solving the problems the couple is facing, but to revive the feeling of love and affection they have towards each other.

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Your daily habits define relationship longevity.

Your daily habits define relationship longevity.

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Choose Your Words Wisely

Choose Your Words Wisely

Choose your words wisely… Words are an instrument to heal or wound – to connect or separate. Try to think about …

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