Psychology Today Article on Intimacy

I was reading my monthly subscription of “Psychology Today” and was very taken with an article on intimacy. The article was written by Lisa A. Phillips, who is a professor of journalism at SUNY New Paltz. The part that truly stood out to me was the following:

Becoming close to another person is one of the most thrilling experiences in the human repertoire, both the bedrock of emotional security and a passport to self-expansion.

If the relationship is a romantic one, intimacy is as much the essence of deep friendship as of lasting love. It carries the added charge of desire.

Although the term intimacy is often used as a euphemism for sex, anyone with a dear friend knows that physical attraction is not essential for any two people to create a true bond.

Intimacy is what you share with another human being who gets you.

The part that stood out to me the most was “self-expansion”. What that means to me is that my partner helps my process of growing into my authentic self. That through my partner, I can grow through whatever discomforts may arise. I, in turn can help them to grow as well.

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